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  RPMs updated
February 1, 2005 

  I've updated the RPM specfile and put up new binaries. Thanks to Holger Nilsson for pointing out a problem in the 'post' and 'postun' sections and researching the fix.
  1.1.0 released
March 7, 2004 

  Well, there have been enough people asking for features that I had to put out another 1.x release. This time around I've added the ability to (transparently) follow redirects, complete with a http_setRedirects() function to allow callers some measure of control. Also some minor compatibility improvements and cleanup.

Thus far, the releases have mostly focused on being an uncluttered and easy to use library, and so far we've succeeded. I hear from a good number of people about how http-fetcher is just what they were looking for for their project. However, if more advanced features are going to be implemented, a big redesign is in order (and in progress). Things should still be as simple to use as they are now for users who need quick and easy HTTP services, but it's time to step it up. Subscribe to one of the mailing lists to keep up on the latest news, and consider getting involved in the project.
  1.0.3 released
October 23, 2003 

  Well, no 2.0.0 yet, but this release remedies a couple of key shortcomings of 1.0.2 as well as a couple of significant bugfixes. Some design limitations are still present, but this should be an otherwise solid release. See the ChangeLog for more info.
  1.0.2 released
April 25, 2003 

  This is bugfix release, fixing a possible buffer overflow as well as improving portability. Work now is on the 2.0.0 release, which will add a multitude of features and improvements. Hopefully 2.0.0 will be out soon!
  New website!
May 10, 2002  

  What you're looking at now is the new site layout. Since I graduated from NMU I was doing a personal website anyway, so I went ahead and revamped the http-fetcher and lfetch websites while I was at it. Hopefully the new look is a lot cleaner and easier to navigate for both end-users and developers. Stay tuned for the release of 2.0.0 any day now!
  FreeBSD port
August 9, 2001  

  I've got a port to FreeBSD all set to go, but without root access on a FreeBSD box I can't test it or submit it. Email me if you run FreeBSD and can help out. (Otherwise it'll be a while before I install FreeBSD on one of my boxen)

  RPMs available
August 1, 2001  

  Allright, I got the RPMs built and posted.  Thanks to sun (candy@camelos.org) for the help.
  1.0.1 released
July 30 , 2001  

  Some servers return a 404 on any request without a Host: field (even HTTP 1.0 requests... not very RFC compliant!).  http-fetcher 1.0.1 sends the Host field to accommodate these servers.
  Initial release
July 4 , 2001  

  Initial release of http-fetcher.  I hope that a few people will find it useful and save some time writing their own HTTP code.